Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

The Oxen Group offers one-on-one coaching sessions to learn from our professional team about how to trade stocks, options, and more. These coaching sessions can help you to identify what you are doing incorrectly and help you learn some strategies that are crucial to becoming a better trader.

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How Exactly Does It Work?

Here’s how the logistics of the coaching program work. The hourly fee is $49.99 or two sessions for $79.99. Premium members get one coaching session for free as part of the membership (click here to sign up).

Our website uses a program that will allow you to see our screen during the session along with allowing us to see yours.

You see what we see:

The benefit of this is that we can go through charts, trading platforms, scans, and you will be able to see what I am seeing. It will be as if we are sitting right next to you helping you.

Get Personalized Education That Fits Your Needs

The goal of the coaching sessions is to make you a better trader/investor. Help you learn our secrets of trading, charting, etc. After these sessions, you should feel more confident, be able to read charts more properly, and fix mistakes that are plaguing your ability to make money.

Most traders think that they can dive right into the market and make money. While some can, most struggle. What you need is a specific plan, risk management, or goals. These sessions will help you do that.

Here is what we can help you do in these sessions:

  • Establish a trading plan
  • Gain confidence in your trading
  • Set financial goals
  • Analyze the market with indicators and tools that anyone can use
  • Manage risk and allocation
  • Review your current strategies and positions
  • And much more!

What's best is that the coaching session will be honed to your needs. If you need help reading charts, that's what we will do. If you need help with allocation, that's where we will head.

Let’s Talk Before You Commit. . .

It's important to talk to us before you commit, so please send us an e-mail before you do commit to anything to discuss the opportunity.

Email us at contact @


If you're ready to sign up, please proceed to the sign up for coaching here.

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