Longterm Investing

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The Oxen Group, while started as a firm based in trading equities, believes strongly in the power of longterm investing as the majority of any portfolio. With that in mind, we created EquityAnalytics and the Extended Value Portfolio.

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- Financial research arm of The Oxen Group.

- Creates long-term price targets, Buy/Sell/Hold Ratings, and ratings for each company on Growth, Value, Profitability, Management, and Financial Health.

- Creates multi-page reports about each industry covered (example report).

- Uses research to position ourselves into Extended Value Portfolio.

- We cover over 150+ companies now, each with price targets, ratings, and much more.


Extended Value Portfolio

- Our long-term portfolio that features 35-40 positions.

- All positions are held for multi-months with targets of 10-40% gain.

- Portfolio is $50K in size.

- Positions are executed based on Buy/Sell/Hold and price targets from EquityAnalytics.

We are looking to continue to develop our longterm investing side of the business with options in this portfolio, more funds in the future, and more companies covered.

If you have any more questions about our longterm investing, please visit other pages within the section or contact us at contact@theoxengroup.com or 1.800.709.1160.

Good Investing!

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