Stock Trading

Stocks are an integral part of trading and can be an integral part of investing as well. In 2009, The Oxen Group started its first stock only portfolio, and we now offer five portfolios with stock exposure. Each portfolio has a different approach to stocks. Some are trading portfolios all the way to long-term investing portfolios. Below we have included links to each portfolio's main page, which discusses in greater detail exactly how each portfolio utilizes options. For the most part, we use them as an income source. If you are new to stock trading/investing, please visit our education section for more information.


The Oxen Group operates five portfolios that trade stocks:

- Earnings Alpha Portfolio

Equity Alpha Portfolio

- Extended Value Portfolio

- Goldman Sachs Portfolio

- Xpert Stock Portfolio


To see results for these portfolios, click here.


If you have more questions about option trading or the webiste, please call us at 1.800.709.1160 or e-mail us at 1.800.709.1160.


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