October Takes All Four Portfolios Higher — Earnings Alpha Up 55%, Equity 25%, and Options 21%

October was another solid month for the Oxen Group as we were able to improve four out of our four main Oxen Report portfolios and improve our Earnings Alpha Portfolio to now up near 55% on the year!!! Short-Term Equity is up 25% now, and our long-term Extended Value Portfolio is now up 13%. The Options Portfolio is up over 21% now as well.

Our all-stock Short-Term Equity Portfolio is doing great with just under 70% accuracy and 25% in gains. Earnings Alpha is also cooking at a 54%+ gain! The Options Portfolio has lagged, but it is still outperforming the market at 21%. Our Extended Value Portfolio, which holds long-term equity positions only is now up 13%.

We are looking for these portfolios to continue to be strong through the end of the year!

The way that The Oxen Group Short-Term Equity Portfolio works is that we started with $32000 at the beginning of the year. This amount is divided between four mini-accounts that started with $8,000 each that is now four mini-accounts. These mini-accounts A-D are rotated through each other so that we can account for multiple positions being open at one time. The portfolio shows entry, exit, amount gained/lost, changes in account and total money, and the date of action. 
These results are historically accurate. If you come across any issues or questions, we pride ourselves on honesty. We would love to hear about any problems. It could be a mathematical error. If we missed anything tell us, we want to get the truth across as much as possible.
In this day and age, it is crucial!
Short-Term Equity Portfolio

Link to Full Results

Highlights -
- Accuracy is now at 66% overall in the portfolio.

- Portfolio is at 25% in gains!


Options Portfolio

The Options Portfolio is a $15,000 starting portfolio that tends to take $1000 – $2000 position sizes. The portfolio has improved 21% this year, and without a few unfortunate positions would be up much more.

Check Out Full Results Here!


Earnings Alpha Portfolio

The Earnings Alpha Portfolio is up 54%, and we believe we are well on our way to around 60-70% this year.

Check out results!

To a great 2012!
Good Investing!





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